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7  Health and Beauty Benefits of Green Smoothies

There are a number of reasons why I drink green smoothies and I’m going to make this simpler by listing them

  1. Improves skin tone and heals skin quicker: I found that whenever I have a cut or a pimple on my face and I drink these smoothies, the skin tends to heal faster and looks much better after it’s healed.
  2. Plumper fuller skin with delayed wrinkles or fewer wrinkles: This is usually the result of the vitamin A found in avocado, spinach, mangoes, oranges and lime. Vitamin A helps protect the fatty layers where collagen is from the free radicals that might attack it.
  3. Increasing the number of fruits and vegetables one eats everyday helps one shed extra fat built up from toxins stored in the body: If you want to lose weight do not add too many sugary fruits to your smoothie. Choose fruits that are low in sugars like strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and apples.
  4. Green smoothies give me more energy: I sometimes don’t have the time to pack breakfast as I’m up and out the door sometimes too early. Preparing a smoothie the previous night helps me get all my greens in on the run
  5. Crave less junk: Try drinking a green smoothies for breakfast this entire week. You will notice that you crave less junk because of the fruits you’ve added in your smoothie in the morning.
  6. Improve skin tone: editing and writing can take up a lot of my time which sometimes leads to insomnia and in return, making my skin appear dull. Green smoothies have helped brighten up my face and for those of you that suffer from acne, drinking this juice a day can help clear it.
  7. Improve immunity: Fruits and veggies naturally help the body fight against diseases but the body is more prepared to fight when these nutrients come in the form of a liquid.

This Green smoothie recipe is my go to drink and i add in some green chilliest for that extra kick. (You don’t have to add chilies)

2-3 Spinach Leaves

1 Apple

½ Cucumbers

2 Green Chilies

2 Glasses of Mango juice or 1 big mango

Put the chilies and apples and cucumber in first and then add the spinach and finally the mango juice. Blend for however long you want.

Hope this helps




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    Thank you for the tips. Nice blog

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    This actually sounds super delicious! I should really learn to put time into eating healthier!

    x Karen

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      To die for!!!! Thanks hun

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