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The colour red has long been associated with fire, blood and rubies and as you can see, these associations are not of the quiet, meek and calm nature. Wearing a red dress represents passion and the first choice of colour to be worn by girls from different walks of life that wish to represent themselves as go-getting, daring and in your face fabulous.

A lady walking down the streets with red Louboutins is more noticeable than one wearing a pair of black ones. The colour is energizing, it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action… or to stop, depending from which angle you are looking at it from. Imagine if the STOP was yellow, it would not have that much impact right, that’s why people still drive through an amber robot, it is not eye catching at all. But don’t let me mislead you; Stopping at a red robot is part of the law.

But, that’s maybe one of the reasons we notice a woman wearing red lipstick more than the one wearing nude. The color makes you look twice, and sometimes stare, so with all that said, ladies, wearing red is a must if you want to grab attention.

The red dress I’m wearing is from SPREE. SPREE has some of the most affordable and eye red dresses  and all types of clothing ever. I chose this dress because it looked like it wouldn’t suffocate me, meaning too tight. You know when you buy a tight dress and you finally wear it and you look like you are in pain and all your African humps, junk and all things nice are just cramped up and it seems like you can’t breathe?? The horror!! This dress showed no signs of that thou, it also looked like it would fit anyone that wore a medium. The reason I’m talking about small, medium and large, it’s because for you to buy online, you have to know your exact body type and make sure you are buying the correct size and design for your body (remember these dresses are showcased using commercial, skinny models, so don’t get it twisted, some of the dresses might not look as they do on you the same way they look on a model)

Now me, and a whole lot of women have a curvy body type, so this dress seemed perfect for me and even more perfecter lol when I received the parcel and finally tried it on. I love the gauged from and back detail, the classy length and of course the maroon colour. This dress is rouge… a nice mix between red and maroon. Stylishly perfect to wear in the summer/ autumn of South Africa, to a wedding, date night or just and evening out. I wore this at work but added a light, suit, blue jacket on top JUST FOR KONTROL.

The fashion in physical stores is always almost limited to a brand and shopping . Going on to SPREE is like, in the comfort of your home looking for red dresses, browsing through a ware-house. You get all the different brands you like, can filter through sales and just enjoy yourself. But the most amazing feeling you get from shopping online, for different clothing, styles, shoes and accessories etc is the feeling you get when they finally deliver, and depending from where you live in South Africa, its free shipping for parcels over R250.00 and you get it within two to four working days.

These fashionable images with the red dresses were taken in Pretoria, one of the Capital cities of South Africa, by photographer Kagiso Motlhamme… Bookings can be done here @+27833476720



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Dress from Style Republic: Get it online HERE

Shoes from: Call it Spring

Accessories: Lovisa Jewelry

Earing from Edgars




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